Community Rules

Code of Ethics

Please understand that your actions not only affect you, but they also reflect upon our community as a whole. We expect our members to conduct themselves accordingly. Be it all kinds of chat channels, or pug groups, as well as within the community. Be kind, behave polite and mature. Any behavior out of spite and for the purpose of angering or griefing others is not tolerable.

Community Chat and Forums

We strongly believe in self-discipline and common sense approach. We expect our members to behave within the community as well as we expect them to act outside. There is no policy regarding swearing, however racist, misogynistic, homophobic, sexist or otherwise unacceptable language is not allowed. Be polite, and try to be a part of the community. When someone greets you, greet them back, that’s basic courtesy. Topics such as politics, religion and any topics to promote unlawful activities are not allowed. In forums, please follow the channel and thread topics to post there.

Zero Drama Policy

There’s a zero drama tolerance policy in place. Any and all disputes have no place in chat. In such event, take it to a private conversation. If a dispute cannot be solved among members, please bring it to the attention of a council member. They will try to help accordingly.

Sub Section A - World of Warcraft Rules

Calendar Events

Our in-game calendars is open for everyone. If you want to do something together with other members on a specific day in a specific game, feel free to schedule the event on the calendar, by selecting “Guild Event”. Your event cannot collide with scheduled events.

Loot Rules

Our loot rules are simple. We work with personal loot since we all use the same gear. We share with others loot we do not need for ourselves. BOE items are yours to keep if you loot any.

Raid Requirements

If you want to be sure to have a spot in the next raid of your interest, you need to sign up early. Otherwise, a raid spot is not guaranteed. Even though we try to get everyone into our runs, it’s still a first come, first serve basis.

If you are signed up, please be on time. Which means be ready for an invite 10 minutes prior raid start time. Make sure you have everything you need and are ready to go. The guild provides you with buff food and flasks.

Required tools - For raid attendance you need to have either:
Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs addon.
Discord for voice chat. You must be able to at least hear voice chat.


Cult of Elune will not purge members for inactivity as such. This does not mean ones toon will remain in the guild forever. In the event of a maxed out members list we will have to remove people according to their last login activities.