The Cult of Elune

We are the worlds largest Druid only Raiding guild!

We do it all not just raiding, we are a community with hundreds of members. Fun events every week! Mutliple raid runs, PvP, Mythic/Keystone teams, Transmog farming, Achievement runs, custom events and more... We have a dedicated committee that does nothing but plan and host fun events! Such as our weekly - Where's the Druid, Monthly Transmog contest, Lawn Darts, Cats v Stags, Scavenger Hunts, Druid Parades (as seen on Reddit)and more! Learn more...

New to the order or ready to take on another aspect of your druid nature? We have spec training, macro and addon suggestions. Be kept up to date on changes coming to Azeroth live in Discord and visit here for support videos and support information.


We are the worlds largest
Druid only Raiding guild!

How to Join

Reach Out

Contact any cult member in game for an invite, or you can connect to our discord and ask for an invite. We take all druids of any level and spec.


Discord voice is required for guild events (at least to listen). To raid with us have DBM or Big Wigs addon installed.

Elune be with you

That's it once joined you are a full member may elune be with you.

"I have been playing with these guys off and on for a while now and its always a fun experience." Carivor


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Icy Veins

MMO Champion



Achievement Resources

Glory of the Uldir Raider

Glory of the Argus Raider

Glory of the Wartorn Hero

Glory of the Tomb Raider

Warcraft Events

Mythics/Keystone Teams

You will always find Druids to join in on Mythic and Keystone runs.


All druids all the time baby. Progression Raid Tuesdays 8pm server, Casual Raid open to all Saturdays 8pm server. And more...

Achievement & Transmog Runs

Group up and get those sweet transmogs and achives.

Where's the Druid

Weekly event locate and travel to the druid's location and take a screenshot.

Call to Arms

Every Sunday at 9pm server open world pvp, we always have a great time.

Cats vs Stags

Tag you're it in Druid form. The cat chaces the stags until there is only one stag left.

Monthly Transmog Contest

Get all dressed up in our monthly themed transmog contest.

Lawn Darts

No safety nets needed, free fall from Dalaran and go splat on the mark. Totally normal behaviour.

Scavenger Hunts

Scour Azeroth and beyond and be the first to return with the presious trash (er treasures).